'Raja' – Mesir Lebih Besar dan Lebih Rendah

'Raja' – Mesir Lebih Besar dan Lebih Rendah


Not contrivance encourage, this writer has talked about:

“For years and years, era after era, they’ve told us that folk on this country, apart from your complete world is outnumbered by white folk. And we believed it too. For me, I’ve continually puzzled how that used to be imaginable when there are this form of range of lands which may per chance per chance most seemingly be filled with folk of color. Nearly every continent has of us which may per chance per chance most seemingly be no longer white residing there. Albeit, now we maintain been inundated with white of us within the flicks, tv, radio, the newspapers and magazines, the commercials , every add as a ways because the eye can search for … is dominated, portrayed, and illuminated with and for white folk. And it used to be intended for “Of us of Color” to purchase in, digest, and imagine to be factual … regularly ! Why is that? White is advantageous, Dim is unhealthy. So why is it that the powers that be continually try to brainwash and bamboozle every and each member of the human dawdle? ”

Didn’t All Human Lifestyles originate in Africa, on the African Continent? Used to be “The Backyard of Eden” no longer positioned in Iraq?

One such untruth is the white-washing of the earlier ‘King of England, Ireland, and Scotland.’ His name is ‘James Charles Stuart.’

When this king directed and ordered the newsletter of the “Holy Bible,” (the Worn Testomony), he used to be nearly immediately situation up for an assassination … an execution while you can. The explain used to be given no longer exclusively becaue he made the Bible straightforward to learn; account for; to worship for the ‘Frequent Man / Lady,’ but on fable of his Dim heritage as successfully. Clear folk did no longer desire it to be known that a Dim Man used to be the factual and rightful chief and inheritor to the thrown of the stylish world (at that time). Publishers of books and other publications maintain taken drastic steps to re-write the historical previous of the sector. They did no longer desire teenagers and particularly folk of color, primarily Dim Of us to understand that a Dim may per chance per chance rule correct thru the sector. This is also certainly one of many explanations the Cairo Museum has taken steps to veil the steady rulers of frail Egypt and Africa (because the sector used to be then known). The eradication and clandestine storage of artifacts surrounding the management of “King Taharqua” all thru the 25th Dynasty of Larger, Middle, Lower Egypt, and much of the Africa Continent used to be nearly erased from historical previous by obvious folk of non-melanin heritage, because the of us that ruled had been undoubtedly Dim!

Many of this hidden yarn will seemingly be received in a e book that used to be printed and saved by ‘Cambridge University,’ in England – “King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom (Cambridge Reports in Early As a lot as the moment British Historical previous).” This article will seemingly be stumbled on on ‘Amazon’ and plenty other e book retailers.

King James used to be no longer exclusively Dim, but Hebrew as successfully!

“We is never any longer going to maintain this’ Jew ‘rule over our’ Christian Nation-states!”

“Undergo in thoughts, take into accout the fifth of November … Gunpowder, treason and dispute, I search for no motive gunpowder treason. Will maintain to ever be forgot.”

‘Guy Fawkes’

The historical search for of the profession and lifestyles of King James VI and I, as king of Scotland (1567-1625) and England (1603-1625), who accomplished a union of the crowns because the indispensable king of Astronomical Britain. He took on the habitual religious wars within his land apart from that of the sector. A peacemaker and diplomat, his intentions had been complemented by his efforts in fostering a discontinuance relationship in and among the church buildings of the sector, and particularly on the European Continent. It is a ways indeed factual that he helped to wait on these initiatives with peace and records, even supposing his time used to be gash brief with the arrival of the “Thirty Years War.” It used to be also immensely considerable to every Britain and other international locations in and around Europe and the sector as it used to be known.

“Although the evidence is never any longer glaring or successfully publicized, Queen Charlotte used to be the big big-big grandmother of the show Queen Elizabeth II, who quiet lives within the expanded Buckingham Dwelling, now Buckingham Palace. Her African bloodline within the British royal family is never any longer The royal couple had fifteen teenagers, thirteen of whom survived to maturity. Their fourth eldest son used to be ‘Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent,’ later fathered Queen Victoria, “in step with what has been reported on this writer’s article,” Europe’s Dim King (s) and Queen (s) ”

In a new and upcoming e book, these Dim Kings and Queens will seemingly be discussed by means of a yarn telling. The yarn is about four trainer scholars and their fourteen college students, who upward thrust up the class of newcomers, juniors, sophmores, and seniors of several Philadelphia situation faculties, as they embark upon a day out to Egypt and its’ tombs of frail Pharoahs, Kings , and Queens. Tiny raise out they know, with this visitation of obvious tombs and / or graves, comes a terrible impress.

Imhotep, Taharqua, Kharis, Ananka, are correct a pair of of the tiring who are aroused with this un-holy disturbance of its ‘tombs and graves … From this level of specialize in, the likes of’ Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Lon Chaney , and several other others, is per chance no longer displayed on account of them no longer being the particular color or racial makeup of the Egyptian characters they’ve portrayed within the previous. Albeit, this writer is an ardent fan of their alarm depictions (or monster characterizations), unlit and white, apart from the colorized variations. The characters correct thru the parameters of this yarn depicts the factual makeup of the fashioned Kings and Queens of the African and Middle Eastern diaspora.

The brand new mission, “Hallow III,” will embody the yarn, “Wrappings,” as an stir into the heartland of Egypt. The Pyramids, Sphinx, ‘Tombs, and Statues establish the factual identities of the hierarchy and subordinate characters who maintain inherently lived, breathed, and possessed the land of thriller and Spirituality.

“There are more issues in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of to your philosophy.”

A magician and his beautiful daughter finance an expedition of American archeologists, led by Professor Allen F. Bruce and his crew of scholars and students. The crew travels to Egypt searching for an undisclosed tomb. Unbeknownst to the crew as a complete, Dr. Bruce keeps secret his factual intentions of the day out’s search-seeing and digging mission. On the foundation, they’re extremely gay to search out a 3,000 year aged Mummy. Nonetheless soon they learn that once the moon is paunchy the Mummy goes on a murderous rampage of revenge and lust … unless they can safe a technique to prevent or assassinate their supreme safe.

The Scroll of Thoth:

“Herein are situation down the magic phrases by which ‘Isis’ raised ‘Osiris’ from the tiring … within the darkened corridors of” Karnak! ”

“Oh! Amon-Ra..Oh! God of Gods – Dying is however the doorway to new lifestyles – We dwell as of late – We shall dwell again – in many kinds shall we return – O Mighty One … Return O Ka, the dapul, return O Aire the soul, O solid art the coronary heart, salvage supple the limbs and solid the sinews, stock up O my soul, this coronary heart, with tenderness, in affirm that he may per chance per chance fair stroll again within the land of ‘Kem’ in all thy energy and elegance and establish on once more the Uralite! ” Give lifestyles, give lifestyles O ‘Karnak’ after I divulge the mighty phrases …!

O ‘Karnak,’ with this scroll of lifestyles, O Lord of the souls, the Mighty One of Amen Tet, let no longer this soul be tiring … give lifestyles with the mighty phrases of energy …

Allow them to no longer cross away … let them be restored to lifestyles … O Mighty One, let them no longer be corrupted … let them be filled with energy and tenderness … once the deaths of the unbelievers maintain been accomplished, the mother will seemingly be released from the curse, being undead … the protector of the tombs and the avenging spirit … as are the series of assigned High Monks … the tombs of the tiring!

One of the frail Egyptians, “The Spirit of Taharqua,” is transported by the High Preist “Mehemet,” from Egyt to the USA, invoking vengeance on all who maintain defilled the sacred tomb of his most traditional daughter, “Queen Amenirdis,” the eighth and last ruler of the 25th Dynasty.

“Intolerant unbelievers! They may per chance / shall suffer the penalties of a thousand deaths … to assassinate all and the last desecrator is the job at hand! The Maat … of Mehemet Bey!”

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